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February 26, 2010 - Tags: , , , ,

A few months ago, when the Olympic Volunteer Uniforms were first announced I was worried about staying warm and dry slogging it out on the Menʼs Alpine Downhill Course. Most of my base layers were synthetics that had a tendency to get pungent after a day of wearing and were tricky to layer depending on what the conditions were. That was fine for day skiing, but not for the Games. I needed to make a big change.

I just completed my 12th day in a row wearing the same Icebreaker Bodyfit200 Legless Bottoms, Bodyfit260 Slalom Crew, and Alpine Ski Socks under my uniform. I did alternate the Beast Boxer Briefs but thatʼs probably more underwear detail than you need. In those 12 days I shoveled several hundred kilograms of snow, set up thousands of meters of safety net, and hiked kilometers up and down the race course. There was one day where my socks and my feet spent 12 straight hours in my ski boots. Each morning I would pull on the same base layer I had taken off the night before and not once was I repelled by odor or the state of the fabric. Even more important, neither was the roommate with whom I had to share my tiny but efficient accommodation. On the hill I was never worried that I would be too hot or too cold or too wet. I could focus on helping to get the course ready for the Olympic Athletes.

I honestly donʼt know what Iʼm going to do with the piles of synthetics I have at home. I look at the three simple pieces of clothing that replace the dozen or so that I used before and wonder, “Can I sell this stuff on eBay before the rest of the world discovers Icebreaker?”.

- David Kerr

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