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The Olympics truly came to Downtown Vancouver last night in the form of the Welcome New Zealand event, hosted by Icebreaker, New Zealand Trade & Enterprise and Tourism New Zealand. Vancouver is absolutely ‘rammed’ with National Houses this week offering entertainment and beverages to their fellow countrymen. Last night was New Zealand’s turn with this big bash held at Scuie Café in the heart of town, and these guys showed the Irish House a thing or two about throwing a party. The line-up curved around the block and the organizers eventually had to make it guest-list only. Nobody went away unhappy, though, as the Aussie/Kiwi bar ‘Moose’s Down Under’ opened its doors to any latecomers offering over-flow food and entertainment. Highlights of the evening included:

- sterling performances by Te Tini a Maui and Soul Paua whose New Zealand covers attracted a huge crowd outside the venue
- an Icebreaker “VIP” sale representing the very best of Icebreaker as official sponsor for the New Zealand Olympic Team
- a fashion show of Icebreaker’s spring collection, opened by Russ Hopcus, President of Icebreaker North America
- the official launch of Kea Vancouver – a community network for ex-pat Kiwis
- and last – but by NO means least – a special guest star appearance by Icebreaker’s Team Mascot Ramotaur – fresh from his European tour – who strut his stuff out on the dance floor like the Olympian Icon he is!

All I can say is bring on March 1st when we get to share the Icebreaker love all over again – come on Teams Canada and New Zealand!

Check out the pictures from the event here and video’s of Soul Paua and the team doing the haka here.

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