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February 22, 2010 - Tags: , , , , , ,

One of the highlights from the Vancouver 2010 Olympics in Whistler was a special TEDx Event on Tourism’s Role in a Sustainable World. This event was held at the Whistler Centre for Sustainability on February 18th and featured speakers including; Paula Mendes from Adventure Travel Trade Association, Bruce Poon Tip from Gap Adventures and Wade Davis, Explorer-in-Residence for National Geographic. The event drew over 100 attendees from the Whistler area including Icebreaker’s own Michael Isaacs, Account Rep for the BC Region.

In partnership with the organizing committee Icebreaker provided uniforms for the event organizers as well as an Icebreaker Top and Beanie, as a thank you, to each of the speakers. Partnership with this event and topic fell right in line with the sustainable philosophies of Icebreaker. Our “Superfine” clothing line allows adventurers to “Travel More with Less”. Our light weight, versatile, no stink apparel is idea for travelers looking for clothing that provides options in both cold and warm weather while being functional for backpacking, hiking or just sightseeing allowing them to pack less clothing and focus on doing more travelling. Organizers from the TEDx event sported our Detour Polo and Long Sleeve Airport as a professional, yet casual look for their team. For more on Icebreaker’s sustainability practices please visit icebreaker.com/baacode.

Here are a few photos that Michael snapped for us at the event.

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