What's next to your skin?
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Cheers to everyone who participated in our “What’s Next to Your Skin?” Vancouver 2010 competition!

Helen Danglmaier from Irdning, Austria, Europe (pictured below), is the lucky winner of the limited edition Icebreaker Whistler ‘10 gear, which includes a set of Bodyfit+, an Icebreaker “Whistler” Toque hat, Skier Mid Socks, the AC Glacier Scarf and the Long Sleeve Chase Crewe. Nice one Helen!

We received 255 fantastic entries to the competition — from goats to babies to boys and girls in their Nature and Beast knickers (and less). Take a look back at what was submitted here.

Icebreaker was honoured to be the Official Baselayer Sponsor of the New Zealand Winter Olympic Team, and we’re proud of the Kiwi team who competed in Vancouver last month. We had an awesome wrap up party on Monday. The band was fantastic and we sold the bar out of beer! Photos and video to come once Kent Hawkins, our marketing man in Canada, recovers from a chest infection that knocked him out that night (or so he says).

Let us know what you thought of the competition. We’d like to do again if you’re all up for it?

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