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My name is Emily Mckissock and I am a sales associate at the Touch Lab in Portland, OR. I am at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games working with the USA Women’s Ice Hockey Team as the Video Coordinator.

For the past 5 years I have worked as a consultant for USA Hockey coaching at various player development camps and serving on the USA Hockey Goal tending committee, while coaching for a Division 1 Women’s hockey program at the University of Vermont. For the past year, I have been helping the US National Team (pre-Olympic team) with their game video editing. In other words, during the game, I breakdown the film for scouting purposes. I also put together clips for the coaches and players to support the teaching efforts on the ice.

My experience at the Olympics thus far has been incredible! The Olympic Village is gorgeous and our accommodation is amazing. The USA Team house is so fun and bumping into famous athletes like Shaun White and Apollo Ono everyday is great! Vice President Biden came to our game against China and Stephen Cobert was at our Russia game!

Our team is playing very well, we’re 3-0 and gearing up for the Semi-Finals on Monday against Sweden. Our major focus is the Gold Medal game, most likely we’ll face Canada.

As coaches, we have to dress up for each game and I usually wear a suit. I am wearing an Icebreaker Nature Ultralite Sweetheart T under my clothes every game and the other female staff are so jealous because it’s so warm! I’ve worn the shirt since we arrived 10 days ago and haven’t washed it yet! They can’t believe it doesn’t smell! Also, one coach from the Netherlands team is wearing the Men’s Camo Bodyfit200 Oasis Crewe everyday!!

If you visit eminvancouver2010.shutterfly.com you can request to see my pics and videos. Due to NBC rules about posting video from inside the Village and venues I can’t make it public, sorry, but I’ll accept anyone that wants to check it out!

Thanks for your support and interest in the team…. Oh and the team was on Ellen yesterday. Check out her website for the video, it’s hilarious!

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