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Fact: Montreal hosted the Summer Olympics in 1976, but most of the staff at the Icebreaker Montreal Touch_Lab_ weren’t alive long enough to remember that, and even if we had been, Summer Olympics aren’t nearly as exciting for a snow-obsessed nation as the Winter games are! Montreal might be on the other side of the country, but we’re very excited about the Vancouver Olympics!

Our shirts, sweaters, leggings, socks, boxer/knickers, and toques among others come from New Zealand, and while we’re pretty jealous of the team in Vancouver who will be right in the action, we will be having our own little celebration right here in Montreal: employees and customers alike will be watching all the action in-store through a live feed. Our window has been decked out with a NZ flag and a giant ramotaur-turned-Olympic-torch-bearer is catching the eye of everyone wandering past. Best of all, all customers who come in will get an IB Team Pass, giving them the gold medal prize of 2 pairs of socks if they spend 200$, or silver medal 1 pair of socks if they spend 100$ (check out our littlest customer rocking last summer’s Rio Hood).

So, if you in the area, stop on in. We’ll be cozy in-store, cheering on the Olympians!

The Montreal Touch_Lab_ Team

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